2 Pizzas Please!

Laura Stack with the Tampa Bay Business Journal wrote an article about Jeff Bezos and productive team size.  Bezos states that too large of teams creates inefficiency for various reasons.  In my personal experience as a teacher, working at a large corporation and now in real estate, I have experienced the frustration and delays created by larger groups of people working on projects.  This topic definitely was bigger business focused where his statement is that the team size should be limited to the number of people you can feed with 2 pizzas.  Perfect!  Laura, you got my attention with Pizza.  And the notion that teams larger than a small group of people working on a specific project slows down the process by too much input, too much discussion, too many persons participating with questions, doubts, desire to have their ideas chosen creates problems and delays.  Such a great concept stated so simply and briefly.

Now, about that 2 pizza rule.  How about a few more 2-pizza rules?  I will work at my desk through lunch for 2 large pizzas.  I will not check facebook all day for 2 large pizzas.  I will loan you my charger for 2 large pizzas.  I will pick-up the bosses dry cleaning on the way to work for 2 large pizzas – okay, maybe not that one.

Jeff Bezos 2 pizza rule

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