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This is a product review of BOLD Organics Veggie Lovers Gluten Free Pizza ( ). This product review is solely my personal opinion. I am not paid by any manufacturer, distributor, retailer, friend, entity, or other person for it. With that being said, if you find that my opinion is different than yours, it in no way makes your opinion wrong and you shouldn’t feel like your opinion is being challenged. I am simply stating what I think about products in the marketplace that suit my dietary needs. What are my dietary needs, you ask…. Well, we eat gluten free because a member of our family has to and we try to eat clean and organic whenever possible. So when my husband brought this pizza home, I thought it would be a good fit for us.


The quest for delicious gluten free pizza proves to be a very difficult one. When I think about my favorite pizza, the first thing I think about is the crust. My personal desire is for hand tossed pies because the crust is thicker but not greasy like pan pizza can be. If you know anything about gluten free baking, you know that gluten free foods don’t rise the same way flour based things do so finding something other than a thin crust is hard to do. The crust on the BOLD pizza was very thin, flaky and dry. I cooked the pizza by the exact directions on the box and I know my oven pretty well so I don’t believe this was because I over cooked it. It lacked in flavor as much as it did in texture…very disappointing to say the least. And then there was the sauce…bland, no seasoning and really did not add any value to this pie. The toppings were OK, shitake mushrooms and fire-roasted veggies, but the amount of toppings was more for one or two pieces, not an entire pizza, so if you buy this, you need to be prepared to add more toppings to it.


This particular brand is “Milk Free” so the expectation of gooey, hot, melted cheese was never there in the first place, but again, not enough cheese on the pie. You would certainly need to add more of your own, unless you like sparsely covered dry pizza crust with very little toppings. All-in-all, I would not buy this product again, nor would I recommend it. I would rather eat the box.

Bold Organics gluten free dairy free organic pizza

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