Coming in October, Gino Sorbillo from Naples Italy will be opening his first overseas pizzeria in NY.  With appearances on Master Chef Italy and having 2 hour wait lines outside his establishment, this is an absolute must visit when it opens.  More on Gino's influential back story can be found... more

How did I miss the $1 pepperoni pizza deal last week?  Oh, I didn't have The Hut set up in my twitter account but that is now fixed.  Looking forward to the next one that I'm not going to miss!

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So they are making pizza even healthier these days.  Is that a good thing or will we lose that great comfort food feeling? more

Pizza may not directly get you into college, but it appears as though it can help.  An aspiring student opted to write about her love of pizza when she was given the opportunity to write about something she enjoyed doing for her short collebe essay of less than 200 words.  So cool!  ... more

Who would have thought?  First cauliflower now charcoal! I didn't see when it came out awhile back. Might be an option for gluten free sufferers. But does it leave tiny black crumbles between your teeth?

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So is this like the Staples button?  Now, I like the idea of making ordering pizza easy but through my shoe?  Apparently they didn't make many and aren't releasing to the retail market.  Who needs this?  Who wants this? Okay, that was the real question.  I think I see a lot of hands raised.... more

Have you tried Pizza Hut's new mobile ordering app process?  Domino's Pizza has been the technology leader in the pizza sector and Pizza Hut is trying to keep up.  The emphasis is so strong on the future of delivery and service that there is limited discussion about quality or any other... more

Pizza is leading the market and Domino's is the leader of the pack!

Here is a write-up and graph showing the same store sales growth in 2016.  Where other types of fast foods segments are struggling the pizza market is hot!

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So if you live in Canton, OH or will be visiting anytime soon, you are in luck.  At least I think so.  One of the Pizza Near Me favorite pizzerias is coming to Canton - Blaze Pizza!  LeBron James, a financial investor in the company seems to be supporting this new location.  You can read about... more

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