Pizza-ghetti is a combination meal commonly found in fast food or family restaurants throughout the province of Quebec and other parts of Canada.

It consists of a pizza, sliced in half, accompanied by a small portion of spaghetti with a tomato based sauce. Although both pizza and spaghetti are considered staples of Italian cuisine, combining them in one dish is completely unknown in Italy. A popular variant involves using spaghetti as a pizza topping, under the pizza's mozzarella cheese.

Other meanings

  • In some instances, especially in the United States, pizza-ghetti is a home-made spaghetti dish cooked with the basic ingredients of a pizza, such as tomato sauce, olives, but without a pizza crust. The mixture may be cooked in a pot or baked in an oven.
  • Pizzaghetti is a chain of Italian restaurants in Plymouth, UK.
  • Pizzaghetti Factory is an Italian-style restaurant on Gibraltar.
  • Pizzaghetti is a chain of Italian restaurants in Rabat and Harhoura Morocco


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