Lucky folks in Des Moines today! Free Pizza!!

If you haven't had a Blaze pie yet, you need to!  Some of the best pizza I've had in quite some time.  Pizza toppings are fresh, service is fast and friendly.  The founder sought to make great pizza at a reasonable price - he has done just that!  I've had the gluten free pizza at University Town Center in Sarasota.  It was excellent each time.

Jon Kleiber


West Des Moines pizza place now open, offering free pies

2 Pizzas Please!

Jeff Bezos 2 pizza rule

Laura Stack with the Tampa Bay Business Journal wrote an article about Jeff Bezos and productive team size.  Bezos states that too large of teams creates inefficiency for various reasons.  In my personal experience as a teacher, working at a large corporation and now in real estate, I have experienced the frustration and delays created by larger groups of people working on projects.  This topic definitely was bigger business focused where his statement is that the team size should be limited to the number of people you can feed with 2 pizzas.  Perfect!  Laura, you got my attention with Pizz

Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel

Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel was a British daytime television programme which began airing on ITV in 2011, as part of ITV Food. It was presented by Gino D'Acampo and Melanie Sykes. The show mixes food with celebrity chat. D'Acampo cooks various food items, whilst Sykes does the main presenting of the show. On each episode, a celebrity guest appears to assist the hosts and chat to them about their latest projects.

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