Matzah pizza

Matzah pizza (sometimes spelled matzo pizza) is a type of pizza made by baking a piece of matzah that has been topped with sauce and cheese. Because Jews are forbidden from eating leavened bread during Passover, some individuals use matzah as a substitute for traditional pizza crusts during the holiday.

Hungry Howie's Pizza

Hungry Howie's Pizza, Inc. is the 11th largest pizza chain in the United States, with 575 locations. Its products include pizza, calzone-style subs, chicken wings and tenders, bread, and salads. The corporation headquarters is located in Madison Heights, Michigan in Metro Detroit.


A pizzetta (plural: pizzette) is a small pizza that can range in size as a finger food at around three inches in diameter to that of a small personal-sized pizza.


Pizetta is typically prepared in the fashion of larger-sized pizza, using a dough, sauce, cheese and various toppings. It is sometimes prepared without a sauce. Pizzetta can be prepared using flatbread as a bread base. Additional herbs and greens can be added after pizzetta has been cooked.


EasyPizza (styled as easyPizza) is a database of independent pizza and fast food delivery restaurants. Launched on 17 December 2004, the company is owned by the EasyGroup group of companies. EasyGroup lost a High Court case against EasyPizza, a previously existing London-based pizza delivery chain who successfully accused EasyGroup of bullying and underhanded practices.

As of December 2009, EasyPizza ceased to operate their independent franchised stores, and now have teamed up with Just Eat, who operate as a third party to a local pizza takeaway and delivery.

Deep-fried pizza

Deep-fried pizza is a dish consisting of a pizza that instead of being baked in an oven is deep-fried, resulting in a different flavor and nutritional profile. This technique is known in both Scotland and Italy, but there are numerous differences between the Scottish and Italian variants, which likely developed independently.


Sardenaira is a pizza dish from the Liguria region of Italy. It is very similar to the pissaladière of Provence, France. Although termed a pizza, some consider it more akin to a focaccia.

In the city of Sanremo in western Liguria, it is often garnished with salted sardines.

It is also known as sardinaira or pizza all'Andrea, after admiral Andrea Doria (1466-1560), whose favorite food was the dish: a slice of bread with olive oil, garlic, and salted anchovy.


The scaccia (plural: scacce, also known as focaccia ragusana) is a Sicilian specialty, typical of the province of Ragusa. It is a type of stuffed flat bread made with a very thin rectangular layer of dough, folded on itself three or four times. It could be stuffed in different ways, the more common variations are ricotta cheese and onion, cheese and tomato, tomato and onion, tomato and eggplant, depending on location, taste or season.

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