Roma Italian Restaurant in Ocala, FL Review

Roma Italian Restaurant with great homemade pizza, pasta, veal, salads and wine

After a very long road trip, we stumbled upon a little restaurant when we stopped for gas in Ocala, FL.  When we arrived as we walked into the restaurant, what immediately caught my attention was the fantastic aroma as we were greated by some friendly Italian folks behind the counter.  We asked to preview the menu which they assisted us with and then opted to sit inside the restaurant to try it out.  The waitress was extremely attentive and friendly.  Do to our gluten free sensitivity I had asked if the GF crust was made in house or was frozen.  She said that it was absolutely made here.

Domino's Gluten Free Pizza

Domino's Gluten Free pizza crust

This is a review of Domino’s Pizza, Gluten Free Pizza. This review is strictly an opinion without any remuneration from any source. Your opinion may differ from that of this product review, which is perfectly OK. does not wish to engage in a debate about who is right or wrong; we simply want to share our opinion about products in the marketplace that we try while we search for our version of the perfect pizza.


Bold Organics

Bold Organics gluten free dairy free organic pizza

This is a product review of BOLD Organics Veggie Lovers Gluten Free Pizza ( ). This product review is solely my personal opinion. I am not paid by any manufacturer, distributor, retailer, friend, entity, or other person for it. With that being said, if you find that my opinion is different than yours, it in no way makes your opinion wrong and you shouldn’t feel like your opinion is being challenged.

Support local pizzerias!

Slice pizza in New York

If I make it to NY someday, this is definitely where I'm going for pizza!  Check out how tasty his pizza's look!


"I launched SLICE to help small business owners succeed in the pizza industry. Millions of Americans were sacrificing the quality of local pizza for the convenience of "Big Pizza" chains. With SLICE, we've made great local pizza real easy to order. On this "small business Saturday" weekend, I urge you to order local pizza and support the hard working, proud independent pizzeria owners nationwide."

2 Pizzas Please!

Jeff Bezos 2 pizza rule

Laura Stack with the Tampa Bay Business Journal wrote an article about Jeff Bezos and productive team size.  Bezos states that too large of teams creates inefficiency for various reasons.  In my personal experience as a teacher, working at a large corporation and now in real estate, I have experienced the frustration and delays created by larger groups of people working on projects.  This topic definitely was bigger business focused where his statement is that the team size should be limited to the number of people you can feed with 2 pizzas.  Perfect!  Laura, you got my attention with Pizz

Beating the odds, a Q&A by the founder of Blaze Pizza

Blaze pizza founder, Rick Wetzel

The national brands continue to create challenge for the independent “mom and pop” pizzerias around the world.  The market share continues to grow for the big chains as independent pizzerias go out of business. The cause – marketing, consistency, technology and costs.  When an independent pizza business maintains its market share its surviving and beating the odds.  When it grows, it’s an even bigger deal.  When one can start-up and grow at an accelerated rate, that’s a huge success story!  Here is a great Q&A with the founder of Blaze Pizza, Rick Wetzel.


Udi's Pizza with my modifications

Udi's 3 Cheese Pizza

Being allergic to gluten sucks!  The good pizza pie dough is tough to replicate without the flour.  I keep trying new gluten free pizza brands whenever possible.  One that I’ve had recently was an Udi’s that I picked up from Publix.  Tried the basic three cheese but added sliced orange peppers, some chopped broccoli and more mozzarella – never can be too cheesy!  The herb seasonings on this pie were great and were well-complimented by my additional veggie toppings.  Let us know what gluten free pizzas  you have had and with any modifications!

By Jon Kleiber

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